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Author Topic: Redstone Machine Rules!  (Read 2343 times)

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Redstone Machine Rules!
« on: October 10, 2021, 07:16:59 PM »
Redstone Machine Rules!

These rules will define the redstone machines on the server as they have become more and more prominent. These come to clarify any sort of future misunderstandings or questions you may have for the future.


An automatic farm is a farm that requires no form of effort or intervention to get the final outcome of the farm. The effort to build the farm does not count.
A semi-automatic farm is a farm that requires pulling a lever, pushing a button, or having to collect it manually. You must not be afk'ing at a spot waiting for the items to come to you as that is equivalent to an afk-farm and crosses the blurry line between auto and semi-auto.

The Rule: No auto-farms, you must put effort into making money! This includes afk-farms.

  • a. Redstone machines should not be running all the time as redstone keeps chunks loaded and that causes lag.
  • b. Bypassing the rules with technicalities i.e: Turning a lever on and letting the farm run is not okay. The fact it has an on and off switch does not exclude other facts like the automatic part of the collection and harvest.
  • c. Large farms and industrial size farms will be subject to evaluation from a staff member, you cannot build them and judge them yourself, you need approval.
  • d. Since there's a vast sea of farm models we have concluded that some will not be allowed: Automatic sheep farm, you must add a switch to shear the sheep yourself. Villager crop farms, although a game mechanic, are not allowed.
  • e. Some traditional farms will be allowed with conditions: Flower farms with a button, 2 block high flower farms as long as it's not running infinitely, cacti farms will be allowed as long as they respect the above rules & the player is doing another activity in the area other than just standing still at the collection point.
  • f. Some criterias of judgement that are not ultimate but will give you a rough idea if your farm is allowed or not: Are you
    actively interacting with the system other than standing still i.e pushing a button? Is there an on/off switch? Are you collecting
    it yourself? If you answer at least 1 No then you must ask for a staff's opinion.
  • g. If you have any doubts, ask a staff member. We do not punish you for making the farm, we punish you for using an illegal farm and hiding it from staff.
  • h. SA reserve final say in exceptional cases, pushing auto farming will lead to the punishment and removal of the machine.

We hope you understand the importance of making such rules for farming as minecraft's ever-expanding universe and technicality leads to some game-breaking and economy-breaking designs that simply do not have a place within a community. It is meant to keep some sort of balance for players to have a chance of catching up.

-- Sentinelcraft Staff.