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Author Topic: Welcome to the SentinelCraft Block Exchange!  (Read 1400 times)


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Welcome to the SentinelCraft Block Exchange!
« on: December 16, 2021, 11:32:41 AM »
Welcome to
the SentinelCraft Block Exchange!

Hello everyone!

The town of Tranquila would like to announce that the former BuildyBlocks has had a major upgrade!
The building has expanded, the assortiment has been updated with additional building blocks and Marigold Market and BuildyBlocks have merged!
Because of this merger, the new name of the shop will be the almighty "SentinelCraft Block Exchange". Or - in short - the SCBE!

Rumour goes that BuildyBlocks was suffering from a lot of competition from the great Brenda who was running Marigold Market, what is there to say?
If you can't beat them - get them to join you! Together, stronger as ever.

However, BuildyBlocks claims that Marigold Market has been suffering from reputation issues, players finding it hard to find materials sold at such a great price - this must be a scam, right?
Are they even a premium block? What about the size of the assortiment?

Whichever story may be right, both business owners have merged and created an even better shop for all players of SentinelCraft; the SentinelCraft Block Exchange!

How can I visit the legendary SentinelCraft Block Exchange? We're glad you asked!

First, go to /kattalox. Next, go to /t spawn Tranquila. Then click the "TQLA-SCBE" sign at our spawn right in front of you! This should spawn you directly into the building!

Oplegoman and I are happy to announce that we are selling blocks and items from the following categories:
- All kinds of redstone blocks, formerly known as CraftComponents!
- The good old BuildyBlocks from before (Woods, sands, gravels, aquatic blocks and nether blocks!)
- All ore ingots! (Yes, even netherite!)
- Mob drops (fresh)
- All colours of dye, glass and wool! (better quality than ever)
- Fresh flowers (fresh)
- New 1.18 blocks - time to check them out ASAP!

Help! A certain item I am searching for is not there!
- If you cannot find a certain product, please visit the shops around the SentinelCraft Block Exchange to visit other shops!
- If you have a request for a certain item to be added to our shops, please contact one of us on discord or in-game!

"The SentinelCraft Block Exchange is, and always has been, the best one-stop-shop for all your Minecraft needs!
We hope to see you in our brand new shop in Tranquila!
Smile more, it suits you (: