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Author Topic: Origin Rules List  (Read 1127 times)

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Origin Rules List
« on: June 07, 2022, 05:22:54 PM »
Origin Rules

With Origin being a vanilla SMP it is necessary to set boundaries because this is still a part of Sentinelcraft and still requires regulation.

- 01. All server rules still apply.
        - a. An exceptional world does not mean it does not conform to our server rules, you still need to respect each one present in this board: http://sentinelcraft.net/forum/index.php?board=2.0

- 02. Griefing is not allowed.
        - a. All acts of griefing will not be tolerated and will result in appropriate punishments.
        - b. Excuses like "I didn't know it belonged to anyone" won't be tolerated, you have access to /lb tb.
        - c. Griefing the terrain close to bases or spawn is not tolerated.
        - d. Server spawn is out of bounds for non-community projects and will result in appropriate punishments.

- 03. Community decisions and projects are to be voted on.
        - a. It's important for the entire community to give feedback on projects and additions  to the community.
        - b. Community projects and decisions should be respected, and we want everyone to participate in any little or significant way to these

- 04. PvP rules still apply.
        - a. All the rules still apply and you must respect someone's wishes if they see you near their base and ask you to leave.
        - b. You are not allowed to grief into people's bases.
        - c. You can use elytras to fly over walls but repeat killing will result in appropriate punishment.
        - d. You must return valuables to players, pvp is not an excuse to steal others' hard earned items.

- 05. Redstone Machine rules still apply.
        - a. All automatic farms will not be allowed, you will receive a warning or appropriate punishment if you make one.
        - b. Insignificant farms like chicken egg farm can be allowed as they are not hamful.
        - c. Lagging the server with your farm will result in staff intervention.

- 06. Refunds are not a given.
        - a. Losses to server lag will not be reimbursed.
        - b. Exceptional cases will be dealt privately, we will insure transparency in such cases and what will and will not be refunded.
        - c. Loss of unique items will be deal with by the town hall i.e loss of dragon egg, extinction of shulkers.

- 07. Unique structures are not claimable.
        - a. Strongholds, the end island, the spawn are not yours to claim.
        - b. Harming these structures can be considered grief and will be dealt with appropriately.

- 08. Punishments for breaking the rules.
        - a. You may be temporarily or permanently removed from the world.
        - b. Warnings may be given depending on the severity of the infraction.
        - c. Actions on this world will affect your applications.
        - d. Additional punishments may be handed by the town hall in form of bounties and such.
        - e. Malicious griefing will result in a ban from the server and not just Origin.

If you have any questions ask a staff member for clarifications, all punishments are up to staff's discrection. We expect everyone to play nice.

-- Sentinelcraft Staff

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