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Author Topic: The Allays Are Coming!  (Read 626 times)

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The Allays Are Coming!
« on: November 01, 2022, 12:08:28 PM »
The Allays Are Coming!


  As the Sentinels go about their long days, mining endless amounts of coal for the Dragon Egg, they notice they have started to hear certain voices. "Did you hear that?", they asked each other. Maybe they were losing their minds after staring at stone for so long. "No, these voices are different from the ones I usually hear!", the mad scientist proudly claimed. He realized that those were the callings of a whimsical being that has yet to appear. He sent his trusted but obtuse servant to check out the noise, finding that it came from the shore near the market shops.

  The minion came back with good news: the voices came from just west of the shores the Sentinels first landed at. At the place where the voices could be heard strongest, two words could be deciphered: "Allay" and "lost". It seems that the Allays are coming, but didn't know their way back! They have been imprisoned for generations and have disappeared from the world. They must be welcomed properly and given a home! They require a warm, stable home though. According to the mad scientist's research, Allays like warm, forest-like places with mangrove and warped hyphae. They take a liking to soul fire and soul lanterns but they'll still feel at home with normal fire. They like to feed on amethyst to keep their species going, so we should decorate it with some so that they may replenish their energy. If the Sentinels don't provide a home for them, they may seek refuge elsewhere...

  The minion luckily kept a map on him and marked the place where he heard the voices the loudest. However, he was never really given a proper education... Is that a 2 or a 1? Why are some numbers on backwards? Are those... ketchup stains...? Whatever, he did say there was a stone arch and a swamp on the shore, it overlooked a massive bridge structure. He also placed a sign there in case he forgets where to go again, right at the mountain top. Minions don't have good memory... or good handwriting.

What to do?

    • The build should mostly use: warped hyphae, amethyst, campfire (lights), soul campfire (and light variants), mangrove.
    • The allays like all sorts of blocks! But those are their favourite and should be predominant(Dirt and stone can remain). They don't take a liking to dark oak. There is a long, bad history with pillagers in dark oak mansions...
    • The general theme is a forest-like area (Nature).
    • Everyone can participate! This is not a one person project.
    • You can only build at the location in the map. Roughly the radius covered by the circle and some of the shore, alot of it is swamp already.
    • You have 10 days before the allays arrive! The better it looks the more will come! (12/11/2022)
    • Pictures with the minion's sign earn you cool points, they are worthless but they make you cool.

Staff footnote: We wanted to take a different approach that will be more fun for everyone. A simple building project will allow for people to contribute with less resources and in a fun, beautiful way. We hope you like the event this time!
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