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Author Topic: Plot Info for Residents/Embassy Owners  (Read 843 times)


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Plot Info for Residents/Embassy Owners
« on: September 13, 2021, 05:18:53 PM »

Please read the following information about Zion plots!

Plots for Residents:

- Each Resident gets 4 plots if they are active and good at building, one if not that active.
- Resident claims can be taken away at the full discretion of the mayor, and any items contained within them will be returned to the previous plot owner. (This will be done ONLY after 60 days, according to server policy)
- No more than 4 plots will be allotted.
- Ask permission from mayor before removing andesite slab plot borders
- If something isn't built within 60 days AND/OR if there isn't any progress with building (i.e. unfinished building) AND/OR you have been asked by the mayor to remove your stuff and you haven't, your plot will be taken away and allotted to someone else, and all materials within the plot will be confiscated (valuables may be returned).
- No building above y=120 (exceptions can be made, talk with mayor/co-mayor/assistant)
- No inappropriate structures
- No builds that look like a pile of materials - if you can't build, talk with town staff to build you a decent house or build what you want in Horizon.

- PLEASE NOTE: You will have to pay taxes for a plot IF you are not town staff/VIP. By owning a plot you agree to paying taxes!!

Plots for Embassy Owners:

- If your embassy represents a town, only one plot will be given.
- If your embassy sells materials, 4 plots may be allocated, this will be decided based on the circumstance and if you can pay the tax
- $5 per plot per day (irl day obviously)
- Non-town representative buildings (i.e. shop plots by those outside of the town) will be built by town staff
- All town representative embassies will be located on Embassy Lane
- Horizon towns can also have embassies
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