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Author Topic: Voting Rank  (Read 1764 times)


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Voting Rank
« on: January 29, 2022, 07:21:59 PM »
Voting Rank

The voting rank is an additional rank that allows you to buy extra perks in the Vote Shop. It costs 150 points and will last for 30 days. You will be able to consistently have the Vote Rank each month if you vote 23/30 days! Down below, the perks that come with this voting rank have been described.

  • Players with the Vote Rank will have a '+' beside their normal rank. This is only for Donators and below. For example, [M] would be [M+] if they bought the Vote Rank.
  • Players with the Vote Rank will get /sunny which will make the weather go away in Horizon or Kattalox. This command will have a 4-hour cooldown to balance it out.
  • Players that have the Vote Rank will get /morn and /dark to change the time for everyone in Horizon or Kattalox. This will also have a 4-hour cooldown.
  • /glow - Gives you the PvP Glow effect when used, outlining your character. Only the colour of your rank.
  • /launch - Allows you to launch yourself through the air. This also has a cooldown.
  • Armorstand editor - Opens a menu that allows you to change the positioning/posing of the limbs on an armorstand.
  • Opening shulker boxes by shifting and right clicking in the air.
  • Using colour codes in books and on signs.
  • The ability to buy extra perks in the shop, as explained in this post. Repairing armour/hand, (un)condense, scavenge and towny/claim blocks.
If any of these perks are abused, they might be removed from you and/or the whole server.

- Sentinel Staff
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