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Author Topic: A Guide to Account Transfers  (Read 1308 times)


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A Guide to Account Transfers
« on: June 08, 2022, 10:34:56 AM »
A Guide to Account Transfers

What is an account transfer, and why get one?

Account transfers are a hot topic for those who have their hands on a brand-new account/username but wish to keep their progress on our server. Sentinelcraft works on a 'one-account-per-person' basis, but the possibility of switching your player data from one account to another (MCMMO, Plots, and rank, etc.) is available.
Note that if you do want to transfer to another account, you will not be allowed to play on your previous one simultaneously, because of the reason stated initially. You can request an account transfer on our forums page:


It should be mentioned that for an account transfer to occur, a payment of $10 is required, and if a senior admin approves your account transfer on the forums, you will be charged after the transfer is carried out. Don't carry out an account transfer without the approval of a staff member.


Cracked to Cracked:      $10
Premium to Premium:    $10
Cracked to Premium:      Free

Although the Cracked to Premium transfer is stated as free, this is only available once per player. If you've had a cracked-to-premium transfer before, the next requested transfer will require a payment of $10.

A premium account refers to an official Minecraft account.
A cracked account refers to one accessed through a free "cracked" launcher.

These are prices for Java account transfers. Bedrock account transfers won't be considered, even with payment, as Sentinelcraft is primarily a Java server. Changing your Minecraft name on Mojang/minecraft.net will also not be supported by our server; when you log in with a new name, you have effectively joined the server on a new account, and you will be asked to choose an account to play on. In the event you request your data to be transferred to your new account, you'll be charged $10 as per the usual transfer request fee.

What You Will Need for the Account Transfer:

After your account transfer is approved, you will be asked to provide screenshots of the following which will aid the account transfer:

 - Claimslist
 - Mcstats
 - Balance
 - Vote points
 - Mydate (tokens)

If you're in a town, clan, and/or Skyblock group, let us know prior to the transfer. After everything above has been transferred/dealt with, we will address things like locked chests and such. You can put your inventory in a chest to be opened later by your new account, as permissions will be sorted by then.
If you have any doubts about account transfers, aside from things mentioned in this guide, refer to a staff member for help and advice; we will try our best. :)

-- Sentinelcraft staff
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