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Author Topic: Forum etiquette  (Read 5094 times)


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Forum etiquette
« on: September 07, 2013, 11:21:08 PM »
Okay, just so there is no gray area here, here is a list of good forum etiquette.

 - Stay on topic. If you post on someone else's topic, keep it to that topic. If you want to talk about other thing then start a new topic.

 - Keep it classy folks, that means, no flaming, be kind, ect. This is our catch all, what we consider classy is up to our discretion.

 - Keep personal disagreements off the public forums. If you have problems with someone, private message them.

 - Use reasonably good grammar and spelling. If no one can understand you that won't further your cause very much will it? This includes not using all capital letters.

 - English please, this is an English majority forum, you can speak whatever language you like in private message.

 - Obviously spam is not allowed. Just in case someone thought it was.

 - Posting the same thing more than once is also considered spam. Same as bumping your thread.

I know that the veil of anonymity makes it tempting to just spout off whatever you think. Just know that if you do that you will face whatever consequences we feel are suitable.
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