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Author Topic: The PvP rules of SentinelCraft!  (Read 2674 times)


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The PvP rules of SentinelCraft!
« on: March 05, 2020, 08:30:31 PM »
Dear players of Sentinelcraft,

As combat/PvP is starting to become more frequent on the server, the SentinelCraft Staff would like to further emphasize and clarify our PvP rules.

- 00. PvP actions that end up disturbing the server peace shall be dealt with in a case-to-case basis, staff will have all final say in judgements and punishments inflicted.
        - This is the governing rule, this is not negotiable nor can you abuse any of the following rules to give yourself PvP
        advantages. Going out of your way to do so will result to actions ranging from disabling your PvP up to a ban.

- 01. No unfair teleportation.
        - a. An example of unfair teleportation is a donator using the /warp command in order to teleport to a warp, without having direct access to the sign.
         - b. Town spawns, warp signs and public server warps are fine. Warps whose sole purpose is to hunt someone will be deleted.
         - c. You can tell players to leave your area if they have teleported there through yourself, someone trusted in your claim or a resident of your
         town. You can also tell them to leave if you feel harassed. If they do not comply, report to staff.
         - d. The usage of warp signs while being engaged in PvP is not allowed.
         - e. Setting your home near or on someone's base for the sake of quick hunting will be punished.

- 02. No kill-abuse.
        - a. Kill-abuse includes killing someone again after they teleported back, without engaging PvP themselves. (Repeat
        killing). It also includes constantly killing the same person who are defenseless, not everyone is smart, they will engage PvP out of fear
        because you are an abuser to their eyes. This type of action will be considered bullying and punished accordingly to our discretion.
        - b. No PvP logging. Staff will investigate whenever this happens.
        - c. Antagonizing and provoking players by standing (camping) at the edge of their claim and clear surroundings (50 blocks+) of the player's
         builds will also be considered bullying and will be dealt with accordingly.
        - d. You should return items from disarming them or other means to the person otherwise it will be considered grief. Any breakage of armor
        during PvP will not be considered grief.
        - e. If you make a group to hunt someone you may not kill them individually, the group is one entity and will not keep killing  that person for
        each person in that entity. Breaking this will be considered kill abuse.

- 03. No taking advantage of your donator perks while engaging in PvP.
        - a. This includes using a /disguise prior to PvP - followed by undisguising to attack a player.
        - b. Engaging PvP while flying. You should be far away enough so that the player would be able to see or hear you approaching.
        - c. No using /heal.

- 04. Responsibilities as a mayor.
        - a. If you would like to protect your people from PvP, the best way to do so is to claim your town properly and closing your town spawn.
        - b. Toggling town PvP on/off whenever this suits you, is not allowed. You cannot change the town's PvP status after being engaged in combat.

If you feel like any of these rules are unclear contact a Senior Admin+ for clarification.

Revised on August of 2021.

  -- SentinelCraft Staff
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