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Request Password Change / I did an oopsie, oops (Forgotten password)
« on: February 13, 2022, 01:31:42 AM »

I seemed to have forgotten my password, it would be nice if you could reset it for me. Thank you!

Special Application / #ElizaForOwner2020
« on: April 01, 2020, 04:11:51 AM »
- What is your in-game name?

- Current Rank?

- How long have you been on the server?
A year and a half, two years in October

- Which special rank do you want to apply for?

- Why do you think you deserve that special rank?
Cause I'm awesome, I'll convert the server to be food-oriented and every person who joins Sentinel gets free steak. Why? Cause I like steak. I'll give mushroom soup too. I'll put in a furniture plugin and food plugin to create my own drinks store.

- Did any staff member suggest that you apply?
Eliza suggested I apply and she's a staff member

- Additional Information:
Put me for owner, I'll put Amnot on a throne, Ace and Creepy would be permanently banned, all Admins would be my knights and food army, Migas would be given unlimited amount of cheese. anyone who bullies me for my height would be dunked on.

Eli would be my co owner

Code / New Code Town Farm?!
« on: September 06, 2019, 10:09:11 AM »

With popular demand, Code's farm has updated to providing the most recent Minecraft version's crops! The expansion was completed in under 4 days and features a variety of crops. For example we have


Sweet Berries

And many more! Now you might be asking me, how do you get there? Surely Code doesn't have that much space to expand another farm connected to the old farm? Well you thought correctly! In a secret compartment Outside of the town's walls is where we house the new farm!

Firstly, travel to Code by doing ./t spawn Code. You'll see this

Turn to the left and find a sign that says Code_Farm. It should look like this.

It'll teleport you to the first Code farm where all you got to do is to walk down the stairs to where the signs are!

Admin Application / ElizaPalooza's Admin Application
« on: August 06, 2019, 03:27:43 PM »
- What is your in-game name?
- ElizaPalooza

- Current Rank?
- Moderator

- How long have you been on the server?
- I have been on this server for a year

- How long have you been a Moderator?
- Hitting one year in Nov 2019

- What is your main specialization that stands out and can benefit the server?
- I feel I am good at my people skills and talking to them. I try my best to make everyone happy and for people who break the rules, I explain to them why and how they broke the rules. On a larger scale, I will give advice on things that I know. If I do not know about the subject (i.e redstone), I will direct them to the next person that I trust can explain more to them. The attitude that I have now for moderator is of someone who tries their best to be firm and reasonable on their rule enforcing and this attitude will carry onto if I become an admin. I devote a good chunk of my time to being active on Sentinel and I know that this trait of mine would continue for a long run.

- Is there any Staff member that suggested you to apply to admin?
- Nope

- What experience do you have being a Moderator/Admin?
- I was a staff member once on a server, but I left because the entire community there was really really awful. With my time on the server, I've met a lot of colourful people. Like people who blatantly break the rules, people who don't blatantly break the rules and try to sneak around, people who griefed, who doesn't speak English, etc.

I really got to know about the various plugins when I helped a little bit in upgrading the server to 1.14. With this in mind, I know that it'll help me in the future.

- If you have had previous experience, what servers did you moderate?
- It was a discord server called No Game.

- What plugins are you familiar with?
- Grief Prevention, Towny plugin, Mcmmo, Logblock, slowly learning skyblock, the previous signs plugin, learning Matrix too from reading the website. I'm very flexible so I can learn more plugins if the server needs.

- Are you currently staff on any other servers?
- No

- Additional Information:
 Dnd ftw.

Everything Else / The Towny Games! Round 1: Trivia!
« on: April 10, 2019, 02:12:37 PM »
Hello everyone! I'm Eliza! I have the intention of holding a series of games called the Towny Games to help promote bonds towards towns! Both in the town and between all of the different towns. First round is a trivia game! So better ready up your fingers!

-Date is on the 18th of April, Thursday, 6pm CDT

-Rules will be explained on the day it starts

-This is a live-action quiz, not like the quiz on the forum. This is so people would foster stronger ties among their town members, and members of other towns.

-Towns not mentioned in the list who wish to perform can just make a post on this thread and add their town name plus people participating! There is a minimum of 2 people needed in a team.

-Current towns on the list are to add who participates too! : D

List of Towns Participating

Cherry Town

Everything Else / DnD Sessions
« on: March 28, 2019, 02:55:10 PM »

On the 27th of March 5PM CST, a brand new adventure began on SentinelCraft. A band of wayward adventurers who started off with nothing but shackles on their arms and weapons in their hands slowly found themselves in the webs of a conspiracy. Will they rise to the challenge and save the land of Allordo or sink into the fangs of the mysterious cult...?

Ello ello everybody! I'm Eliza and I am the DM (Dungeon Master) of this campaign. Together with the lovely group of Chris, Quazy, Kibi, Duke and Amnot (Along with Duck Eli), I work with them to spin a tale of adventure and danger. I'll be posting the chats of each session in this post both for me to keep track and let players and whoever is interested to read! : D

Also! For those people who are interested to be a temporary character in party, feel free to message me on discord ; )

Session 1 (Part 1):

Eliza (GM): Eli!
Ello Chris

Eli L.: hoi!
this is too much info for me
i don't understand ****

Eliza (GM): Oh thats not for you
Thats for the players XD

Eli L.: gasp

Eliza (GM): You can just be a good Eli and sit down and watch

Eli L.: can i draw an onion on the side of the canvas though

Eliza (GM): Can you...? XD

Eli L.: idk can i

(At this point, I accidentally moved the map)

Eli L.: big sad
ohmygod the map moved

Eliza (GM): Shhh
Is Quazy awake

Eli L.: the earth is moving
yes he .. was?
lemem spam him

Eliza (GM): Chris ya awake

Chris R.: Erm
Trying to learn rq

Eliza (GM): Oh yah take ya time
The moving of characters will be done by me dont worry
Ya just hafta roll

Eli : oof i think everyone's lost

(Duke logged on.)

Eliza (GM): Ello Duke

Baron Von D.: Hello.


Chris R.: Perfect, so I just need to look

Eliza (GM): And roleplay :D
Oh yah
Kibi'll be late because she's at work

Baron Von D.: Okay, so I quit minecraft.
I cant focus on both, lowkey

Eliza (GM): Don't worry. I'm watching chat

(Chris rolls a d20 = 2 Spoiler alert, he doesn't roll pretty good for the entire session.)

Eliza (GM): Wow

Chris R.: Alright, lets get that out of the way

Eliza (GM): That's a really bad roll

Baron Von D.: chris rollin' mad stats

Eli : oofed

Eliza (GM): Chris you gotta bring up your game

Baron Von D.: roll a 1 against a sewer rat pls

Eli : LOL

Chris R.: Ok, so website asked for my mic, wheres the voicechat options?

Eliza (GM): You dont have to vc if you dont want to

Baron Von D.: I would admittedly like to.

Chris R.: I would prefer some type of vc

Eliza (GM): There's this cog

Chris R.: If its this site, if it has one, or discord

(Amnot joined)

Amnot: hello

Eliza (GM): Ello Amnot

Eli : banana :D

Baron Von D.: hi guy

Eliza (GM): Ya'll can vc on discord, I think it'll be easier
I'll turn down the music so we can hear ya'll

Baron Von D.: somebody hit me up with a discord invite then, i'll happily join a vc

Eliza (GM): And yeah, I'll be listening

Chris R.: I was just going to use sentinelcrafts

Eliza (GM): Everyone in my household is asleep XD

Baron Von D.: works by me, lol

Eliza (GM): Yah use Sentinel
We're waiting on Quazy?

Baron Von D.: I dont know if im recording lowkey.

Eliza (GM): You arent XD

Baron Von D.: frick

Eliza (GM): Eli what's le Quazy doing

Eli : he is not replying
so im gonna assume he 1) died 2) fell asleep 3) doing chores 4) kidnapped by polar vortex

Eliza (GM): Fucking hell polar vortex
And we can

Eli : sounds like how i do my exams
do the tutorials 5 minutes before the exam

Eliza (GM): XD

Amnot: i think i pissed off my laptop

Eliza (GM): Amnot join the vc

Eric G.: i'm so sorry

Eli : #truestory


(On the screen now is a map of a harbor with five tokens, or character models, on the map. One of a large foxman, one of a Genasi with a long sword, one of a Genasi with a staff, Kibi's personal drawing of her character and a rogue character. The party is all at the harbour. Near the warehouses is a token of an armour wearing, sword wielding Half Elf.)

Eli : which character is who's

Kibi: i'm the icon that doesn't have a white background

Eli: yea kinda guessed yours
i know kibi's

Eliza (GM): The one below Kibi is Chris'

(Somebody asked how tall is Chris' character, Nith, who is a half ling.)

Eli L.: oof
2f 11

Eliza (GM): The guy with the staff is Amnot

Eli : what

(Duke was saying how unexpectedly cool all of this was, his words not mine.)

Eliza (GM): The guy with the sword below the guy with the staff is Quazy
And Duke is foxman
I am a cool person
So we're waiting on 2 more minutes
For Quazy

Eliza (GM): Quazy responded

Eli : gonna spam him on messager

(At this point, Quazy joined with this badass looking profile picture of a badass looking guy.)

Eliza (GM): Alrighty, when Quazy joins
I'll say the rules

Eli : qua qua :D

Quazy: hi wut

(Duke and Chris were talking about how badass Quazy's profile pic, it honestly is. Quazy should upload it ; ) )

William M.: hi wut
it's an img LOL

Eliza (GM): Quazy join the vc :D

William M.: I did

Eliza (GM): Oh yah
I'm sorry its 6am

William M.: oh on discord I did
is that ok

Eliza (GM): Yah
Welcome to Sentinel's first DnD session!
I'm Eliza, your DM or Dungeon Master for tonight
All OOC (Out of Character) must follow the usual Sentinel rules
In character though? Go crazy
Have a cow flying through the sky or something

(Chris' microphone started to echo the sound of a thousand broken bells.)

Eliza (GM): Is everybody ready?
Oh god Chris
Your echo

Kibi: I'm ready

Quazymoodo: yah yah yah

Eliza (GM): Goood
In a far off distance, with oceans far enough to see
The scent of sea salt in the air as seagulls squawked in the air
This is a story filled with riches
And love... Maybe?

Eliza (GM): Kibi can find love, not sure about the others
This is not a usual adventure story
We start our adventures with.... Five prisoners
your characters are prisoners

Eli : oof

(The players started to ask if they're slaves or prisoners. Duke did the worst deed of them all; steal cookies.)

Eliza (GM): COmmunity workers
All of you have created 1 bad deed
That caused you to be in trouble with the authorities
Be it for good will or for bad will
Yes you stole the cookies of the guard's mother

(In my games, I encourage craziness. So yes, I take it that Duke's reason for ending up in Port Amphitrite is stealing the Head Guard's mother's cookies.)

Eliza (GM): Oh no no!

Eliza (GM): I encourage this XD
Make your opening statements
As all you survey each other

Kibi: Xii, about 5'5", very light green hair with blood orange eyes, he doesn't look very intimidating
He's also wearing a mask that looks like an owl's face

Quazymoodo: I am a Genasi warlock; my flesh is like wind, and my hair is pure white, but my eyes show a great darkness behind them /edgelord

(Chris, Duke and Amnot were introducing their characters in voice chat. Chris' character is a halfling that is 2'11 tall and is the shortest in the party. Freaking Duke's character, Duke, is the Statue of Liberty at 7 feet tall +. Amnot's character Banana Split is also mega tall, though I forgot what is his exact height.)

Eliza (GM): Edgelord XD
What about ya Banana Split
Awesome we have a party of giants
He isn't

(Someone asked if the characters are shackled.)

Eliza (GM): A tall man with elf like features wearing gold armour walked towards you
The Half-Elf stared down on the shortest creature in the party
"What are you filth doing here."
(Shackled yes)
Eliza (GM): (Belongings are all on you)
(God dammit Duke. No)

(Duke asked something, I facepalmed. I forgot what it was.)

Kibi: "Well" looks at shackles "Looks like we didn't have much of a ****ing choice. You tell me."

Eliza (GM): (You're enslaved by the guards basically)

Quazymoodo: nods in agreement with the halfling

Eliza (GM): The Half-Elf squinted his eyes at the unusual band of creatures

(Somebody ask if they can just leave)

Eliza (GM): "No."
"You're here in the beautiful Port Amphitrite to do some community work."
"Namely, we have trouble with the livestock in our... only farm"
"The farmer there will explain more."
The Half Elf then jumped

(Honestly, I don't know why I made Bowen jump. Also someone insulted Port Amphitrite, Papa Bowen no likey.)

Eliza (GM): "I suppose I have to introduce myself."
"My name is Bowen Cheekridden, Overseer of this lovely port town."
Bowen stared down at the person who insulted this place
As if you offended him himself
"Do not! Insult this town!"

Kibi: air quotes "Town"

Eliza (GM): Bowen glared at every single one of you
(I mean, you can type in chat box for IC)

(Eli asks if she can sneak in comments. Duke says she's alwas annoying, in a good way.)

Eli : (can the stalking person talk like this to insert annoying comments)

Eliza (GM): (Sure)

Eli : (exactly)
(thank you)
( : - D )

(Somebody asks if it's gonna be a harbour forever.)

Eliza (GM): Bowen sighed softly and looks annoyed
"I'm going to release you, you better not escape town."
(I have a map for you)
(Not this)
As Bowen go in to unlock your shackles
You can see this long golden sword by his sword

Eliza (GM): It glints dangerously in the sunlight
It seemed as if it'll be a dangerous weapon

Amnot: (nice sword buddy)

Eli : (budder sword)

Eliza (GM): Bowen looked up at the Genasi, "Thank you. At least SOMEONE knows fine craftmanship."

Eli : (smacks sword bends)

Eliza (GM): (God dammit Eli)
All of you are now free men
Well free ish
Your goal now is to go to the farm

Quazymoodo: Can I flee?

Eliza (GM): And figure out why ther eis missing livestock
Yes you can
Roll a stealth check
Only Quazy
Since he wants to flee
Oh who's distracting the guards?

(Somebody asked in vc how to roll.)

Eliza (GM): ./d20 + (modifier)

Pocketcott: ./roll 1d20 + modifier

(So how Quazy's gonna roll is that he'll be rolling a d20 + his dexterity modifier. His modifier is 0.)

Quazy: Rolled d20 (11) + 0 = 11

(In return for his roll, I'll roll the guard's Perception roll to see if he spots him. I had a godly roll. My god imagine if that had been an attack roll... Also after Bowen spotted him, Quazy did the Levitate spell.)

Eliza (GM): Rolled d20 (20) + 6 = 26
Bowen looked at the sneaking away Genasi
What spell

Eli : (LMAO)
(5 minutes in: quazy has left the chat)

(Quazy knows magic. Magically Quazy.)

Eliza (GM): You know how magic works right Quazy
Okay, good I don't have to teach you XD
So you're using levitate?
Bowen sees this flying
blue thing
And he's like 'wtf'

(Chris said that Bowen isn't a good Half-Elf since he doesn't know a simple spell. WELL BOWEN'S SORRY CHRIS, HE DIDN'T DO SO WELL IN MAGIC SCHOOL! ;; Also, a question was asked here. I can't remember what it was.)

Eliza (GM): Bowen sighed, his face screaming 'Why am I in charge of idiots.'
"You better get your friend down or I'll ship you back to the volcano in Aurelia."

Pocketcott: "We barely know each other what makes you think we can do that."

Eliza (GM): "Because what waits for you is hot fiery lava."

Amnot: "c'mon get down, i've always wanted to visit a farm!"

Eliza (GM): Bowen nodded, seemingly liking Banana Split's attitude.
"Yes, yes."
"Get your ass down h... What's your name again."
"What are all of your names."
(Introduce yourself IC.)

Pocketcott: "Xii"

Amnot: "Banana Split" i say, flashing a cheeky smile

Baron Von D.: Baron Von Duke, foxnuki sword for overall hire, generally going where the tides and gold bring me.

(Chris introduces the short stack, Nith. Nith also asks where is the farm. Keep in mind north of the map is full of water.)

Eliza (GM): bowen looked down at the shortstack, "It's north of here. It's been a long trip though, you sure you don't wanna rest.?"
(I'm going to get revenge for all of the midget jokes)

Kibi: (...what?)
(its not the size of the fighter its the size of the fight???)

(Something Chris said in relate to me calling Nith shortstack.)


AMnot.: Banana answers for the little fella. "no time to rest! there's a cow that needs our help!"

Chris R.: (I assume we got here by boat)?

Eliza (GM): (Yah)

Bowen grinned slightly, "You better getting moooovin along. Right after your introductions."

Amnot.: (did he just make a ****ing moo pun)

Quazymoodo: sighs from across the dock at that bad pun

(Nith facepalmed. Bowen was very very proud.)

Eliza (GM): Bowen lookd at Quasimoodo, "What about you.... Strange blue thing."
"What's your name."

Baron Von D.: (It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog or w/e)

Quazymoodo: "I cannot tell you; an army of genasi would fall upon our location in an instant if I did!"

Eliza (GM): Bowen paused for a moment, as if to tell whether or not you're lying.

Eli : (chihuahua vs. husky)

Eliza (GM): "I don't trust you but I could honestly not give a ****."

Amnot: gives quazy's character a sideways glance

Quazymoodo: shrugs "I don't care; I must be on my way, so I doubt we'll meet again."

Eliza (GM): Bowen furrowed his eyebrows, "You're not leaving this place until you help them. You have a debt to the government."

Amnot: "be careful he's got a butter sword. i wouldn't cross him"

Eliza (GM): Proud Bowen.

Quazymoodo: "I'm innocent, I assure you!"

Eli : (unbreaking 1 gold sword, very intimidating)

He unsheathes his long butter... Gold sword

Quazymoodo: "You can't always trust what they have to say."

(Somebody ask where the farm is.)

Eliza (GM): "So get moving or I'll make sure you end up as a wind in the desert."

Kibi: Xii is going to start going North

Amnot: I start to shuffle forward, scanning the ground for cow tracks

Quazymoodo: "Fine by me."

Kibi: towards the farm

(Somebody, I think Chris, pointed out the body of water. I totally knew about that, totally. I just wanted to test them.)

Eliza (GM): Oh oops
Uh south

Quazymoodo: walks into town, I'll show up at some point probably : - )

(I'm preparing the map.)

Eliza (GM): Gimme a moment
Are you gonna be with them

Quazymoodo: aye

Eliza (GM): Eventually
All of you end up in the farm
The first thing you see
Is this short, shorter than Nith, running up towards you screaming and cursing in Dwarvish

(The players now see a large farm map and they're at the beginning of the road. Also, Duke managed to figure out how to pinpoint the location he wants his character to go, by sending out a freaking submarine signal XD Now Chris and Duke are just saying bing everytime it appears.)

Eli : bing

Eliza (GM): You wanna translate what he said
He's an old dwarf

Kibi: I can understand dwarvish

Eliza (GM): Yall wanna translate what he said? XD
What you've translated is

Amnot: (lmfao)

Eli : (oof)

Kibi: "We are not the thieves you are looking for"

Amnot: (good rendition of americans)

Eliza (GM): All the while you see this short dwarf with greying hair ran up to the group.

Eli : (special meatpie cough)

Eliza (GM): His hand is holding a very rusty and blunt bronze sword
He seemed to not hear what Xii said

Amnot: Banana instinctively pulls out his holy symbol, an ordinary banana

(Duke asked to be moved)

Eliza (GM): Who's the one moving?

Eli : (omg an odrinary banana)

Eliza (GM): Once he saw the banana symbol
He paused in his steps
Almost confused at the holy symbol

Amnot: banana is emboldened by his hesitation, "yeah buddy! that's what i thought"

Eliza (GM): The farmer just put down his haybale and bronze sword.

Eli : (banana is your special ability "infinite bananas")

Amnot.: (i wish)

(The farmer asked what the party was doing here.

Chris: We are a ragtag bunch of criminals who had done horrible things who are here to figure out who stole your livestock (Or something like that) )

Eliza (GM): He now speaks in Common, "What are you doing here? Oh are you the reinforcements I've been told about?"
"Better than nothing, honestly."

(Good job Chris. A* is comforting the man.)

Amnot: "we're looking for a cow" banana adds unhelpfully

Eliza (GM): "My name is Darius Melodius."
"In the past week or so, half of my livestock completely disappeared."

(Duke: Don't look at me.)

Eli : (looks at the fox)

Eliza (GM): "And I don't know what happened to them."
Darius gets all teary eyed

(Freaking someone was saying 'Oh Betsey.' In this sexy voice that's got me laughing so hard. And he says it continuously whenever Darius weeps FOR HIS LOST SHEEP.)

Eli : (looks at duke's tummy)

Eliza (GM): "Betsey is my dear pet sheep."

Amnot: (owo)

Eliza (GM): "She was the most recent disappearance."

Amnot: banana is visibly disappointed at the lack of cows

(Nith: where did you last see your livestock.)

Eliza (GM): "I have no ****ing clue."
"I have searched everywhere."
"I figured, sine you have experiences in the criminal deeds."

Amnot: i start heading into the shrubbery, calling bessie's name

(Somebody asked for the number of livestock missing. Duke asked to be oved into the crops area.)

Eliza (GM): "10 cows, 8 sheeps, 15 chickens."
"You can look around I guess..."
"Investigate in my farm."
Duke rigt

Eliza (GM): Everyone roll Investigation roll
./roll d20 + your modifier

Kibi: Rolled d20 (15)

Duke: Rolled d20 (6)

Chris: Rolled d20 (5) + 3 = 8

Quazy: D20 (4) +1 = 5

Eliza (GM): Quazy doesn't need to
Since he isnt there

Quazymoodo: (perhaps my roll was bad because I wasn't even at the farm)

Eliza (GM): All characters that has the modifier rolled ass
I find that irnic
So, Duke, banana and Chris
You noticed this is a very nice farm
It is a very green farm
Xii however

Eliza (GM): xii approached the fences and see a bunch of sheeps fur stuck on the fences
The fences looked broken, while a good chunk of sheeps fur is attached to it
It looked like it was ripped away

Pocketcott: So a struggle?

Eliza (GM): Maybe~
You wanna call the other people to it?

Pocketcott: "So I found some fur on the fence? Are sheep prone to rubbing full chunks off on broken fences?"

Eliza (GM): Do you guys wanna follow?

Eric G.: I saunter up to Xii, wondering what she found

(Sure Xii, sheeps like use fences as back scratchers xD Sheep back scratchers, now for 4.99! Anyway, Nith walks up to Banana and Xii to look at the piece of cotton.)

Eliza (GM): Do you guys wanna follow?

Amnot: I saunter up to Xii, wondering what she found

Eliza (GM): You three roll a survival check
Watch Chris get a 1

Chris: Rolled D20 (3) + 2 = 5

Kibi: Rolled d20 (14) + 2 =16

Eliza (GM): Damn

Amnot: Rolled d20 (2) + 2 = 4

Eliza (GM): Kibi is on fire

Amnot: :(

Kibi: don't worry it'll **** me over eventually

Eliza (GM): XD
Nearby, Xii found ths faint but dark brown trail of blood
He smelt the ground and noticed it smelted like rusted, decaying blood
Duke you wanna follow?
The trail leads off into the forest
Do you want to go in?

Kibi: I'll start following the trail

Eliza (GM): Eventually you'll come across this gigantic, dark cave
Does anyone have dakrvision?

Kibi: i do

Moderator Application / Elizaaa's Moderator Application
« on: November 23, 2018, 12:39:48 AM »
- What is your in-game name?

- Current Rank?

- Where are you from?

- What is your age?

- How often do you vote?

- When did you join the server?
September 11th of this year
- What time of the day are you on? (include timezone)
It all depends on the schedule I made before and the world boss in Black Desert Online but I am online at roughly;

10 am - 12pm and 9pm - 10pm (Mon, Wednesdays, Fridays)

8 am - 12pm and 9pm - 10pm (Tues, Thurs)

All is GMT +8

- Are you currently staff on any other servers?

- Why do you think should you be promoted and how will you be helpful?
Despite my young age and relatively short career on SC, I believe that I have helped a lot of people on the server. I would be able to help more people as a moderator.

If any of the undesirables enter our server, I would be able to kick/ban any of them. For something small like fights or bullying, I would temporary ban them to give them some space to think. Otherwise, I would make them talk to the victim in a calm manner. For any matter that is far beyond my own abilities like missing items, I will first tb lb to check if they are telling the truth before asking an admin (If they arent already online and taking care of it)

- Do you feel like you can be neutral and be loyal to the server rules above all else?
I'll be honest, I have a bit of a temper that would make me lash out at people who didnt know that they are wrong. I have acknowledged it and am currently working on it by taking deep breaths and counting.

Of course I will be loyal to the rules and make it my priority as a moderator on the server.

- Additional Information:
A staff member has recommended me to apply for moderator so this is me giving it a shot ^^


My second historical build on the server

I had a massive problem with the face and tried out different ideas before I gave up and just copied from a human-like face online.

The crown is made in gold blocks and blue wool. Originally, I wanted to have lapis as the blue parts of the crown but heck no I'm not grinding for Lapis. I already spent 2 weeks grinding up the gold for that crown >_>

My sphinx is also probably the happiest thing you would ever see on the server (save for Kibi) and it spans about much more than 200x100 blocks? Estimated length at least.

Anyone is welcomed to see the length :D

It is also my precious gems and enchantment order shop. Shameless marketing.

(Oh yah, meet Bob :D My new pet)

Senior Member Application / Eliza's SM Application
« on: October 14, 2018, 03:41:08 AM »
I'm not sure if I can apply for SM if I'm already a Donator but since I didn't become a donator with my own money, I would like to at least legitimately apply for a rank with my own efforts ^^

- What is your in-game name? Elizaaa

- Have you been active for at least 1 month? Just recently yeah, on the 11th of October

- Have you been helpful for other people on the server? If yes, who and how? I try my best to help new members, I've built several houses for members that either get griefed or just generally donate some iron materials to new members.

- Have you been jailed/muted/rules restricted before? If yes, what punishment and motive? I got kicked for flying once but I'm sure that was because I was lagging on a fence post.

- Do you vote regularly? Every single day

- Are you going to be active and keep in touch on the forums? I sometimes think that I spend too much time staring at the forums hehe.

- Additional Information: Panda sucks

Epic Builds / Colosseum (Eliza's Portfolio)
« on: October 07, 2018, 09:16:16 AM »
Debated with myself about posting pictures of my Colosseum since I honestly think that there are many builds that are way better than mine but I figured storing pictures here would be good if the world would ever reset. I spent roughly a week building and gathering the materials, approximately 30 deaths from the times dying from fall damage. The materials I used for the arena is Endstone Bricks, Sandstone and Smooth Sandstone. The design of it was made by me but I had a little inspiration from the other Colosseum builds I've seen online. This is my take on the actual Roman Colosseum in modern times (hence why there is a gigantic hole in the front).

After trying numerous designs and going through various trial and error sessions, I've decided to just be organised and careful and planned first. I began using my compass and a sheet of graph paper from my own school pad that cost about a dollar fifty.

(The night time Shaders pic is my favourite ^^)

Report Trouble / minerpro123 possibly alt
« on: September 29, 2018, 03:02:13 PM »

He might be alting, I could be wrong. Apologies if I misunderstood anything ^^

Non-Minecraft Topics / Hello I'm Eliza :3
« on: September 12, 2018, 10:06:17 PM »
Hi everyone! My ingame name is Elizaaa but ya'll can call me Eli or just Eliza or whatever nickname you have for me XD I'm sixteen this year, I really like dogs, video games (Particularly Indie games on Steam), Musicals, Food, building and just messing around with friends!

Five Facts about me

1. I used to be the Student Council President of my school before I stepped down back in March because of my upcoming Os
2. In Primary school, I was the Captain for volleyball
3. I'm only 5'1 tall and my height is still my pride killer
4. I dream of working in forensics in the future
5. I have eaten pig testes, bee stew, duck embryo, fish eye, pig blood and bird nest fern before.

Goal in the server

To build a large area of buildings.

If ya'll want a chat or anything, I'm always free in the forums, discord or the server itself! :3

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