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Author Topic: Minigames Guide  (Read 779 times)

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Minigames Guide
« on: July 28, 2022, 06:57:51 PM »
Minigames Guides!
Paintball, Spleef, PvP Arena and Parkour!

How do you get to the lobby?

Use /minigames, /mg or /Olympia.

Paintball (2-10 players):

/pb join train -- Join Paintball arena train.
/pb join portal -- Join Paintball arena portal.
/pb leave -- Leave any arena.
/pb shop -- Buy perks and hats from the paintball shop.

Spleef (2+ players):

/spleef join Biomes -- Join Spleef arena Biomes.
/spleef leave -- Leave spleef arena.
/spleef spectate -- Spectate arena.

PvP Arena (2+ Players):

/col join -- Join arena: Colosseum.
/pvparena leave -- Leave arena: Colosseum.
/ww join -- Join random team of arena WildWest.
/ww join red -- Join team red of arena WildWest.
/ww join blue -- Join team blue of arena WildWest.
/pvparena leave -- Leave arena: WildWest.

Note: Once inside an arena, punch signs to pick a class!


/pa join parkour1 -- Join Parkour Map 1.
/pa join parkour2 (SM+ EXCLUSIVE!) -- Join Parkour Map 2.
/pa join parkour3 (New Map!) -- Join Parkour Map 3.
/pkreward{n} -- Only use in survival mode, replace n with checkpoint value i.e /pkreward1! One time only, make sure your inventory has room!
/pa leave -- Exit the parkour. IMPORTANT! Run this command before you exit the server or exit the game otherwise your parkour progress may not save.

Shift-Right clicking items in your inventory will execute certain events:

- Arrow: Return to checkpoint.
- Bone: Toggle player visibility if they are bothering you.
- Sapling: Leave the course.
- Stick: Resets course, use with caution; you will lose your checkpoints.
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