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Legacy Forums / Farewell to our Website and Forums
« on: December 19, 2022, 05:23:31 PM »
Farewell to our Website and Forums

I'd like to say a farewell to our beloved forums and our old website. They have been an integral part of Sentinelcraft for the better part of 9 years and have allowed the community to share and grow as a whole. I hope you look back to this forum fondly and remember all the memories good or bad. Perhaps maybe cringe at your younger self  xD. Thank you for being part of the long Sentinelcraft history and do keep being part of it on our new website and forums!

If you need any information about the migration refer to the post in the announcement: https://legacyforum.sentinelcraft.net/index.php?topic=11100.0

~ Made with love by Migas and Fedgar.

Server Announcements / New Year, New Website!
« on: December 10, 2022, 10:05:04 PM »
New Year, New Website!

Dear community,

As some of you are aware, 2023 will officially mark the 10th anniversary of our beloved Sentinelcraft. We've come a long way from humble beginnings and have managed to remain strong thus far. We strive to continue to improve and build on our pre-existing pillars, and bring to you the best experience that we as a team and community can. We want to extend a special thank you to everyone who has worked on Sentinelcraft for the last 10 years, and has contributed to its long history. We hope to continue this legacy for the future.

Without further ado, you have guessed it by now: We are introducing a new website! Coming LIVE on December 20th, 2022.

We have spent the better part of 6 months creating a new website for this anniversary, we are proud of the work and dedication that was put into it and are happy to take the next step with our website interface.

What to expect?

  • A more modern look and a smoother experience.
  • Forums will be integrated to the new website, the current forums will become legacy forums after the 20th and will be viewable for old memories. <3
  • Wiki tab for all our guidelines, guides and approved mods.
  • News section to check out all our news, this will appear on the main page.
  • Account registration: You will have to create a new account for this new website to be able to post on forums and receive notifications.
  • Support ticket system through the website.
  • Changelog section to see what's getting updated.
  • Host migration for the website only.

Stay tuned as many exciting events are coming this 10th year and we hope that you will be pleased with the fruit of our labour <3

Thank you,

-- Sentinelcraft Staff

Server Announcements / Dimension: Season 1!
« on: November 17, 2022, 06:36:53 PM »
Dimension: Season 1
Superior Skyblock!

Hello again! Season 1 of Dimension is going to start on November 19th at 4 PM GMT [10 AM CST (GMT -6) // 12 AM CST (GMT +8)]

Gamemode details:

The gamemode for the season is Skyblock with some twists! This is not the same skyblock plugin we use for our current skyblock world, the starter island is not traditional either:

The three starter islands are: Normal (Plains), Desert (Desert), Mycel (Mushroom fields). You will receive the basic set of items in your chest and must complete the many missions that we have prepared for you.

The goal is to come on top in island worth by procuring expensive materials, upgrading your island, and creating large farms. To spice things up we have added: Wild Tools, Wild Stacker and Wild Chests.
Wild Tools: Adds a variety of useful tools, currently some are available for sale on the /shop in Dimension.
Wild Chests: Adds chests that do a variety of things for you! Some collect items in the entire chunk/radius, some craft for you if you place items in the chest and some even sell items for you! There is even a storage unit.
Wild Stacker: You will notice this plugin right away as it stacks items that drop into 1 item, it can also do the same for mobs

Rules and guidelines:

During this season there are no redstone and farming rules. Automation will be allowed in Dimension only for the sake of a smooth grind. If you somehow lag the server and affect it we'll have to intervene but that should not happen. Exploiting/cheating won't be tolerated, everyone should still be equal.

The event will last from November 19th up to January 31st. Dates are subject to change, once the event is over there will be a hiatus in preparation for the next event!

Useful Commands:

/dimension - Teleport to the server.
/is help - for all player commands in your island.
/is create <island-name> <island-type> - The Island type is normal (Plains), Mycel (Mushroom fields) or Desert (Desert) biomes.
/is bank - To check your island's bank, every day you will receive an interest of 10% on the money in your bank so you better be storing it!
/is upgrades - to check the available upgrades (hopper limits, crop growth, generator, mob loot multiplier, mob loot rates). Your island border size may seem small at first but it gets very large if you upgrade it!
/is missions - Check your mission categories and missions.
/is mission complete <mission-name> - Complete a mission.
/is delete - You have up to 5 island deletions.
/cmi sell - Sell materials in your hand.
/cmi worth - To check an item's worth.
/cmi balance - To check your individual balance.
/ah - To check the auction house.
/ah sell # - To sell the item in your hand in the Auction House.
/shop - Open the GUI Shop it contains many blocks, items for sale, especially spawners.
/mcmmo - All McMMO commands.


At the end of the season we will be reward the Top 3 based on Island Worth:
1: Unique title for the duration of next season + Care package next season.
2:  Care package next season.
3:  Care package next season.
All three winners will be displayed at spawn until next season. Rewards will be distributed to all island members.
Additionally if you are on the top of the leaderboards in McMMO during this season you will receive a 2 month McMMO boost in Horizon/Kattalox.

The rewards will be increasingly better the next season! We are still getting the hang of this and are planning for more exciting things to come!

For upcoming events we are open to suggestions on your part!

-- Sentinelcraft Staff

Server Announcements / Introducing: Seasonal Events!
« on: November 13, 2022, 07:03:12 PM »
Introducing: Seasonal Events!

Hello! We have been working hard behind the scenes to bring to you a new world: Dimension.

This new world will be released on November 19th 2022 at 4PM GMT!

What is it?

Dimension will become our new seasonal events server, if you're wondering what those are too: They are events that happen through 2 to 4 months depending on the event and we host a whole new gamemode on Sentinelcraft! At the end of every season we will reward the winners with unique rewards! These rewards will not be obtained in any other way. Each season will be different and will introduce something that we never had on Sentinelcraft.

Obviously, with the end of every season the world will be reset for our new world to be installed.

What will it have?

We have many plans and suggestions for this world, with events including: mods, lifesteal and hardcore minecraft! We will take your suggestions aswell for the next season and are open to any criticism you have! We want every new season to have better quality and more fun than the last!

Why now?

We wanted to add some spice to Sentinelcraft while still keeping the old worlds in place. This allows for us to dive into many possibilities and still get to play with the community in new worlds every time and compete together for the top ranks. We receive many suggestions about things to add to Sentinelcraft but with our older set up and parameters they may not click together, so now those suggestions will go into new seaons.

What's the first season?

The first season will be: Superior Skyblock with Wild Tools, Wild Chests and Wild Stacker! We will detail more into another post with all that is useful to know before the season begins. It's a much more different plugin and set up than our current Skyblock and includes much more customization. The top players will be determined by their island's worth.

Be there or be square on the 19th at 4 PM GMT! If you have any suggestions, or simply like the idea make sure you mention it!

Origin / The Allays Are Coming!
« on: November 01, 2022, 12:08:28 PM »
The Allays Are Coming!


  As the Sentinels go about their long days, mining endless amounts of coal for the Dragon Egg, they notice they have started to hear certain voices. "Did you hear that?", they asked each other. Maybe they were losing their minds after staring at stone for so long. "No, these voices are different from the ones I usually hear!", the mad scientist proudly claimed. He realized that those were the callings of a whimsical being that has yet to appear. He sent his trusted but obtuse servant to check out the noise, finding that it came from the shore near the market shops.

  The minion came back with good news: the voices came from just west of the shores the Sentinels first landed at. At the place where the voices could be heard strongest, two words could be deciphered: "Allay" and "lost". It seems that the Allays are coming, but didn't know their way back! They have been imprisoned for generations and have disappeared from the world. They must be welcomed properly and given a home! They require a warm, stable home though. According to the mad scientist's research, Allays like warm, forest-like places with mangrove and warped hyphae. They take a liking to soul fire and soul lanterns but they'll still feel at home with normal fire. They like to feed on amethyst to keep their species going, so we should decorate it with some so that they may replenish their energy. If the Sentinels don't provide a home for them, they may seek refuge elsewhere...

  The minion luckily kept a map on him and marked the place where he heard the voices the loudest. However, he was never really given a proper education... Is that a 2 or a 1? Why are some numbers on backwards? Are those... ketchup stains...? Whatever, he did say there was a stone arch and a swamp on the shore, it overlooked a massive bridge structure. He also placed a sign there in case he forgets where to go again, right at the mountain top. Minions don't have good memory... or good handwriting.

What to do?

    • The build should mostly use: warped hyphae, amethyst, campfire (lights), soul campfire (and light variants), mangrove.
    • The allays like all sorts of blocks! But those are their favourite and should be predominant(Dirt and stone can remain). They don't take a liking to dark oak. There is a long, bad history with pillagers in dark oak mansions...
    • The general theme is a forest-like area (Nature).
    • Everyone can participate! This is not a one person project.
    • You can only build at the location in the map. Roughly the radius covered by the circle and some of the shore, alot of it is swamp already.
    • You have 10 days before the allays arrive! The better it looks the more will come! (12/11/2022)
    • Pictures with the minion's sign earn you cool points, they are worthless but they make you cool.

Staff footnote: We wanted to take a different approach that will be more fun for everyone. A simple building project will allow for people to contribute with less resources and in a fun, beautiful way. We hope you like the event this time!

Guides / Minigames Guide
« on: July 28, 2022, 06:57:51 PM »
Minigames Guides!
Paintball, Spleef, PvP Arena and Parkour!

How do you get to the lobby?

Use /minigames, /mg or /Olympia.

Paintball (2-10 players):

/pb join train -- Join Paintball arena train.
/pb join portal -- Join Paintball arena portal.
/pb leave -- Leave any arena.
/pb shop -- Buy perks and hats from the paintball shop.

Spleef (2+ players):

/spleef join Biomes -- Join Spleef arena Biomes.
/spleef leave -- Leave spleef arena.
/spleef spectate -- Spectate arena.

PvP Arena (2+ Players):

/col join -- Join arena: Colosseum.
/pvparena leave -- Leave arena: Colosseum.
/ww join -- Join random team of arena WildWest.
/ww join red -- Join team red of arena WildWest.
/ww join blue -- Join team blue of arena WildWest.
/pvparena leave -- Leave arena: WildWest.

Note: Once inside an arena, punch signs to pick a class!


/pa join parkour1 -- Join Parkour Map 1.
/pa join parkour2 (SM+ EXCLUSIVE!) -- Join Parkour Map 2.
/pa join parkour3 (New Map!) -- Join Parkour Map 3.
/pkreward{n} -- Only use in survival mode, replace n with checkpoint value i.e /pkreward1! One time only, make sure your inventory has room!
/pa leave -- Exit the parkour. IMPORTANT! Run this command before you exit the server or exit the game otherwise your parkour progress may not save.

Shift-Right clicking items in your inventory will execute certain events:

- Arrow: Return to checkpoint.
- Bone: Toggle player visibility if they are bothering you.
- Sapling: Leave the course.
- Stick: Resets course, use with caution; you will lose your checkpoints.

Bug Reports / Bug Report Format
« on: July 22, 2022, 03:03:13 PM »
Bug Report Format!

Hello, to better keep track of bugs and have the full information on them we hope that you follow this similar format:

- Name
- Your Client's Minecraft Version
- Description/summary (When, how)
- Screenshot (If possible)
- Why do you think this is a bug

Create a new topic with an appropriate title to your bug report and fill in as much of the information as possible.

Make sure your bug has not already been resolved or looked at or already reported! All compensations are dealt with privately, if you can provide a screenshot of any items lost that would also help resolve things quickly. Thank you for being patient.

Server Announcements / Re-Introducting: Minigames!
« on: July 22, 2022, 02:50:55 PM »
Re-Introducing: Minigames!

Happy Bungee Anniversary!

It's been a long time coming and we had some hurdles but are proud to announce the official re-release of minigames on SentinelCraft! Coming to you on SentinelCraft on July 28th!

Hello! We are proud to announce that we have completed the minigames that we want to release along with new maps, classes, and updated plugins!
We are presenting to you these plugins to have a blast with your friends and compete to be on the top of leaderboards:

Spleef (1 Map):
A familiar minigame in which you attempt to knock down your foes into the void!

Paintball (2 Maps):
A fast-paced FPS where you shoot the opposing team and try to get them to 0 lives! The team with the most lives wins! If you have the reflexes and skills you will love this!

PvP Arena (2 Maps):
If you feel strong enough to get in a battle with three other people then you should give it a try! Try to outsmart your foes and kill them before they get you!

Parkour (3 Maps):
If you like challenging jumps and losing your mind, try out our parkour!

What is new with these minigames?

A lot of things had to change or go away for the sake of improvement and to make it easier to track progress, objectives, etc. The plugins also provide many other functionalities which we put to good use!

- Minigames are all now accessible through the hub and it does not sync up to your survival inventory. This is to prevent inventory losses! Sorry!
- Disabled McMMO for PvP Arenas for the sake of balancing classes and having a variety of classes.
- New PvP Arena classes, no more regular old bow, sword, and axe combos. Now you can be a mage, an evoker, a stealthy assassin, and more!
- Spleef arenas got layers, you start out with a shovel and snowballs. Make sure to use your snowballs to knock down foes up top! You can also double jump ;)
- Paintball has a shop now! You can start out with an advantage or buy special ability hats. You can also use the nuggets inside the game to buy powerups mid-game! More kills more power!
- Parkour checkpoints will no longer be permanent, your progress will save and reset once you finish the parkour. This will allow parkour to be linear and you can challenge yourself by beating your time and racing to the top of the scoreboard!
- Parkour rewards are now in signs and not treasure chests, if you go to your survival and use the reward command you'll receive a shulker of goodies per level! No more inventory problems!
- NEW Parkour map! More rage-inducing!

What's more to come?

- We are currently working on bringing back mob arena! Bigger, better, more challenging, and more rewarding! McMMO will work there!
- More arenas we hope! You can submit arenas and we can look at adding them in the future!
- Give us a suggestion!

Our special thanks go out to our amazing builders who created many of the builds for this world: MHGUforPresident, Quazymoodo, Francias and Annu_Mannu67.

Have fun challenging your friends in the comeback of minigames! We hope it was worth the wait!

--Sentinel Staff

Server Announcements / Rules Revamp!
« on: July 16, 2022, 08:56:23 PM »
Sentinel Rules Revamp!

Hello everyone! We are proud to announce what we've been working on recently to try to improve the rules aspect of the server: The Starter Island.

Why did we decide to do this?

We felt like we were caught up in our old ways and wanted to try something new to attract more players! With this update, we want to make it easier to send players off to survival and have their own adventures without going through the long gruesome process of reading the rules right off the bat. Instead, they will be eased into it and get to access the warps easily from the NPCs at spawn. No more spamming /warps!

What does this mean for the rules?

Nothing, really! We are just experimenting with a whole new registration and introduction process to the server so we don't scare off the new members! All rules still apply and we still expect anyone playing Sentinelcraft to respect the rules and punished if they break them. New members will automatically become a member once they register, so you can welcome them without waiting for the broadcast!

What will happen to Fedgardia?

Nothing! It's still there with all its venues and functionalities and still up to be explored! Use /Fedgardia or the new /spawn to go there! We will try to work on features to add to Fedgardia so you can visit and explore it more!

Is this permanent?

We hope so, but only time will tell. We are continually improving and fixing our mistakes, we cannot get better without trial and error. We will be testing the waters and modifying things or reverting certain changes as we see fit in the future.

So, don't be surprised if the next time you use /spawn it doesn't take you to /fedgardia. But fear not, the NPCs there will lead the way if you click on them!

Origin / Origin Rules List
« on: June 07, 2022, 05:22:54 PM »
Origin Rules

With Origin being a vanilla SMP it is necessary to set boundaries because this is still a part of Sentinelcraft and still requires regulation.

- 01. All server rules still apply.
        - a. An exceptional world does not mean it does not conform to our server rules, you still need to respect each one present in this board: http://sentinelcraft.net/forum/index.php?board=2.0

- 02. Griefing is not allowed.
        - a. All acts of griefing will not be tolerated and will result in appropriate punishments.
        - b. Excuses like "I didn't know it belonged to anyone" won't be tolerated, you have access to /lb tb.
        - c. Griefing the terrain close to bases or spawn is not tolerated.
        - d. Server spawn is out of bounds for non-community projects and will result in appropriate punishments.

- 03. Community decisions and projects are to be voted on.
        - a. It's important for the entire community to give feedback on projects and additions  to the community.
        - b. Community projects and decisions should be respected, and we want everyone to participate in any little or significant way to these

- 04. PvP rules still apply.
        - a. All the rules still apply and you must respect someone's wishes if they see you near their base and ask you to leave.
        - b. You are not allowed to grief into people's bases.
        - c. You can use elytras to fly over walls but repeat killing will result in appropriate punishment.
        - d. You must return valuables to players, pvp is not an excuse to steal others' hard earned items.

- 05. Redstone Machine rules still apply.
        - a. All automatic farms will not be allowed, you will receive a warning or appropriate punishment if you make one.
        - b. Insignificant farms like chicken egg farm can be allowed as they are not hamful.
        - c. Lagging the server with your farm will result in staff intervention.

- 06. Refunds are not a given.
        - a. Losses to server lag will not be reimbursed.
        - b. Exceptional cases will be dealt privately, we will insure transparency in such cases and what will and will not be refunded.
        - c. Loss of unique items will be deal with by the town hall i.e loss of dragon egg, extinction of shulkers.

- 07. Unique structures are not claimable.
        - a. Strongholds, the end island, the spawn are not yours to claim.
        - b. Harming these structures can be considered grief and will be dealt with appropriately.

- 08. Punishments for breaking the rules.
        - a. You may be temporarily or permanently removed from the world.
        - b. Warnings may be given depending on the severity of the infraction.
        - c. Actions on this world will affect your applications.
        - d. Additional punishments may be handed by the town hall in form of bounties and such.
        - e. Malicious griefing will result in a ban from the server and not just Origin.

If you have any questions ask a staff member for clarifications, all punishments are up to staff's discrection. We expect everyone to play nice.

-- Sentinelcraft Staff

Server Announcements / Voting Shop Update Feedback!
« on: November 18, 2021, 07:22:02 PM »
Voting Shop Update - We Need Your Feedback!

Hello SentinelCraft!
We've gone through and brainstormed what we could do to expand on our awesome community and reach a wider Minecraft audience to discover us and become part of the history of Sentinelcraft.
As you may have noticed, our cast of members has become more and more scarce and we'd like to change that. We'd like to see new faces that could be the next Senior Member, donator, special or even part of the staff team. As such, we thought of expanding our voting options to more popular and diverse voting websites while still keeping the current ones we have. You've noticed that we are operating a new voting plugin after our departure from Enjin, and this gives us the possibility to do a lot more!

We do know that for a lot of the player base there simply just isn't enough good reason to vote for 5 voting websites that already exist, let alone more (Although helping the server grow should be a good reason).
For this reason we thought to make the voting process more appealing and rewarding, for starters:
- We will expand the monthly prize winners from 5 people to 8.
- We will be working on an additional VoteShop which utilizes Vote Points. You get 1 Vote Point per website.

While we've had the TokenShop as our own customized voting shop, we also wanted to make use of the Vote Shop that comes with the voting plugin. This means that you'll be spending your Vote Points separate from the tokens you receive.
This vote shop would ideally have items that you guys want, special accesses, commands for x period.. Whatever comes to mind as desirable and valuable to the community.

Since we don't want to make such decisions ourselves and then receive feedback/new additions from members later on, we thought it would be best to get member suggestions from the get go.
We want to hear what you want to see as Voting rewards to be sold in the vote shop, a few notable examples:
Token for more towny claim blocks, token for more horizon claim blocks, a month fly in resource world, a token for a small chest backpack, NPC token, Hologram token, Disguises etc.

To keep things short, here is the 3 essential points of the post that we want to convey to you:

- We are looking to make the community bigger by getting higher up in ranks of minecraft server websites.
- We are looking at improving the quality of voting rewards through community feedback.
- We are going to have 2 Voting Shops, one utilizes Vote Points and will hold more valuable rewards, the other will be the good old TokenShop which will still hold the old rewards including Head Tokens.

Please reply to this post with your suggestions, replies and anything you'd like to ask us. We look forward to reading your feedback!

Server Rules / Redstone Machine Rules!
« on: October 10, 2021, 07:16:59 PM »
Redstone Machine Rules!

These rules will define the redstone machines on the server as they have become more and more prominent. These come to clarify any sort of future misunderstandings or questions you may have for the future.


An automatic farm is a farm that requires no form of effort or intervention to get the final outcome of the farm. The effort to build the farm does not count.
A semi-automatic farm is a farm that requires pulling a lever, pushing a button, or having to collect it manually. You must not be afk'ing at a spot waiting for the items to come to you as that is equivalent to an afk-farm and crosses the blurry line between auto and semi-auto.

The Rule: No auto-farms, you must put effort into making money! This includes afk-farms.

  • a. Redstone machines should not be running all the time as redstone keeps chunks loaded and that causes lag.
  • b. Bypassing the rules with technicalities i.e: Turning a lever on and letting the farm run is not okay. The fact it has an on and off switch does not exclude other facts like the automatic part of the collection and harvest.
  • c. Large farms and industrial size farms will be subject to evaluation from a staff member, you cannot build them and judge them yourself, you need approval.
  • d. Since there's a vast sea of farm models we have concluded that some will not be allowed: Automatic sheep farm, you must add a switch to shear the sheep yourself. Villager crop farms, although a game mechanic, are not allowed.
  • e. Some traditional farms will be allowed with conditions: Flower farms with a button, 2 block high flower farms as long as it's not running infinitely, cacti farms will be allowed as long as they respect the above rules & the player is doing another activity in the area other than just standing still at the collection point.
  • f. Some criterias of judgement that are not ultimate but will give you a rough idea if your farm is allowed or not: Are you
    actively interacting with the system other than standing still i.e pushing a button? Is there an on/off switch? Are you collecting
    it yourself? If you answer at least 1 No then you must ask for a staff's opinion.
  • g. If you have any doubts, ask a staff member. We do not punish you for making the farm, we punish you for using an illegal farm and hiding it from staff.
  • h. SA reserve final say in exceptional cases, pushing auto farming will lead to the punishment and removal of the machine.

We hope you understand the importance of making such rules for farming as minecraft's ever-expanding universe and technicality leads to some game-breaking and economy-breaking designs that simply do not have a place within a community. It is meant to keep some sort of balance for players to have a chance of catching up.

-- Sentinelcraft Staff.

Server Announcements / Semi-Annual Expense Report
« on: September 25, 2021, 03:01:58 PM »
Semi-Annual Expense Report

Dear Sentinelcraft community,

We decided it would be a nice idea to start a tradition of sorts for the sake of transparency, it would give a good idea to our players where the money goes that we make from donations. We never have really made this sort of report so it was also shocking to us how much money the server took in the past half year from the hosting of 2 servers at once.

The data will be in form of excel pictures to make it easy to navigate and understand. It's pretty simple. You can click the images for a better reading experience.

Numbers breakdown:

First we will start off with the number of plugins that we purchased over the years along with their cost and total amount of the cost of plugins alone. Those marked in red are no longer being used but have bought previously.

Next, we have our server host related expenses, they are in form of 2 services: One is maintenance i.e reinstalling the console, the other is hosting. During the past half year we were burdened and hassling to finish bungee as we knew the costs were racking up. Hosting 2 servers at once is no easy thing and we can clearly see it from the expenses amounting up to $2100 in hosting alone.

Our expenses for the month of December in which we started setting up the bungee server along with its core plugins such as CMI and ChatControl skyrocketted then the curve got flatter for the first months of 2021 to eventually land into the green after we cancelled the old set up's hosting service early august. (RIP).


To get the full scope of how important it was for us this first half of the year to get bungee transfer done to alleviate the pressure of the costs we put it into comparison with the other server costs this past half even including plugins that were purchased pre-2020.

So in one year we have spent about $2200 give or take in just plugins, keeping 2 set ups working and some maintenance costs from the host.

Where do we get the money?

The main source of keeping Sentinelcraft alive is donations coming from the community. All proceeds go towards keeping the server alive and having the best plugins we can possibly find. The other source of keeping Sentinelcraft alive is draining Oli's soul, but we don't talk about that.

As you know, we have changed to a new store and as such we will give out how much we earned since the new store has come out using the store's data.

We appreciate all donations that come through for the sake of the server's upkeep, it shows how much this community cares for the server. We will keep trying our best to bring you the best of our capacity.

We hope you appreciate this sort of post that is outside of the norm for us, we have noticed questions from people regarding such matters and have seen people underestimate the costs of keeping a server like Sentinelcraft up. We hope this answers some questions and interest the number nerds out there. We will try to keep this a thing every half a year on how we have done the past half year. See you in January.

Thank you for the support,

-- Senior Staff

Server Announcements / Horizon troubles
« on: September 02, 2021, 07:32:20 PM »
We can't have a break can we?

It is basically tradition by now that we make a monthly post of something breaking on us without us expecting it, that's just how servers that run this long work. Sometimes it's great and being nice to us, and other times it acts out like a child craving for attention.

Today after the restart at noon GMT DST, the server started not recognizing the chunks it was loading, it was either reverting them back to nature or loading them from scratch, we weren't gonna stick around long enough to find out as what we could tell is: The more people played, the more chunks we lost. We shut down the server as it ran for 30 minutes, enough for some to lose their entire bases that they loaded and have looked at the issue about half a day later when we were available.

It seems the issue has been caused by Paper, for some that remember a year ago, a similar issue with paper also corrupted chunks this way. Although our paper build has been running fine for a month, it seems that it was bound to break at some point if not updated dilligently. Horizon being the larger world and running since 1.12 does not help its cause either. As it so happens the last back up we have of the world is from pre-1.17 update, that means we were put up with 2 choices for now: Revert 3 weeks back or leave things as is and resolve the matter with 4-6 people who were hurt by this issue. We felt it was appropriate to choose the latter as it will involve the least damages to overall playerbase.

What measures we have taken so far?

- Server backups will be made regularily at the expense of longer restarts (5 to 10 minutes), on the upside restarts will now be once every 12 hours.
- Updated paper to the latest build from https://papermc.io/downloads.
- We will make sure to compensate the people who have been damaged.

We apologize for the trouble that this has caused and the significant downtime, 1.17 being so fresh, plugins are bound to break and crumble as that is how issues are found and fixed. We will keep trying our best and push forward for an enjoyable player experience.

If you were affected by the issue then please contact an SA+.

-- Senior Staff

Server Announcements / Sentinelcraft is 1.17 now!
« on: August 12, 2021, 02:24:51 PM »
Sentinelcraft has updated to 1.17!

Dear Sentinelcraft community,

After a successful, albeit rocky, bungee launch it's time to move to new ventures! We proudly announce the successful update to 1.17: Caves & Cliffs update! This means you can now join using 1.17 launcher, play and explore ungenerated horizon and kattalox terrain and have your pet goats and axolotls!

What to expect?

- All servers run using 1.17.
- If you have issues with joining with 1.17 (outdated hardware), fear not! We are now using ViaBackwards. This means you can join the server using 1.16.5, although you may not see the new textures you will still be able to play the game and stick with the community!
- Updated plugins! Less outdated things, less bugs!
- Alpha worlds will not be reset as they are still fresh and unexplored. Ungenerated chunks may have new blocks, going to be interesting to see that generation with custom terrain!
- New mob eggs coming soon to new voting points shop!

If any issues arise, please make a bug report here: Bungee bug report board.

-- Sentinelcraft Staff

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